WWI Battle of The Somme playset 100 pcs
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This is a toy soldier set I've made up for those of you looking for a good World War I set.  This is a 'Battle of the Somme' set with 100 soldiers total packed into a reuseable clear plastic 1 gallon container (see photo).  The container has a wide mouth with a plastic snap-close lid, so it's easy to empty (and also easy to fill back up).  The set includes (all made by Armies in Plastic): 20 British in steel helmets in brown color (photo shows cream, but Brit soldiers will come in brown), 20 French in Adrian helmets in brown color, 10 Scottish Highlanders in kilts in cream color, 30 Germans in Stahhlhelm helmets (like WWII style) in blue-grey color, and 20 Germans in Pickelhaube (spiked) helmets in green color (photo shows grey, but soldiers will come in green).  This is a great set to stage any early battle of World War I.  While my son, who has many thousands of toy soldiers, would call this a small set, you won't think so when they're spread out all over the floor!  Add a couple rows of barbed wire from my store and your kids will go nuts.  I also have all of these soldiers, as well as many, many other types, available for sale in small individual lots.

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WWI Battle of The Somme playset 100 pcs

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