MPC DUKW landing craft
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This is a brand new recast MPC DUKW WWII amphibious landing craft.  It is over 10" long and 4.25" wide, and is made in green and black plastic.  See the photo for scale with a 54mm TSSD USGI (soldier shown for scale only, and is not included).  It comes with 6 rolling wheels, plus a spare that mounts on the deck.  Also included are three hatches, a steering wheel, a mirror/spotlight, a winch with hook, and 2 large .50 cal. machine guns that swivel when mounted (picture shows 3, but only 2 are included).  These accessory pieces are shown in lighter green in the photo - the color for these may vary from the lighter green to a green closer to the color of the body of the vehicle, and may be mixed on a vehicle.  This is an unusual piece, and hasn't been cast for quite a number of years - a new reissue

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MPC DUKW landing craft

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