6-shot Rubber Band Gun w/ bands Trumark
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This is a brand new Snapshot six shot semi-automatic rubber band gun made by Trumark.  It comes with 12 of Trumark's power bands and is packed on a blister card (as in photo).  It is very accurate out to 10 feet, and has a total range of 25 feet with their strong rubber bands.  My son loves to use his to shoot down opposing plastic soldier armies, which the gun is quite accurate for.  You can use 2 to have devastating battles between 2 sides.  We've even used them to tear apart Lincoln Log forts and emplacements.  Care does need to be taken with these - they are fairly powerful.  The manufacturer recommends these to be used by children 10 and older under adult supervision and with safety glasses.  Common sense and good safety practices are a must, and you will need to read the manufacturer's warnings before using the toy.  Given that care must be taken, they are still a lot of fun.  I also have replacement Trumark bands available.  Best of all, this product is 100% MADE IN THE USA!

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6-shot Rubber Band Gun w/ bands Trumark

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