48 Gurkhas WWII plastic soldiers army men
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Here is a lot of 48 new 1/72 scale (25mm) WWII Gurkha plastic soldiers.  These are approximately 1" tall.  They are in 14 poses as shown in the picture, and made in green soft plastic.  They are armed with No.1 MKIII Enfield rifles, Sten machine guns (with vertical foregrip), grenades, a Bren gun, knives, and the officer carries what looks to be a S&W .38 revolver.  These are new recasts out of the original Airfix molds, and have excellent detail.  This is a brand new boxed set #7017 made by HaT, and are still attached to their sprues as shown.

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48 Gurkhas WWII plastic soldiers army men

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